Server Information


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Hello everyone, if you are new here please be sure to read this. Thanks!

Basic Info

  • @Pineapple God yellowwinner and @Chillah are owners
  • @LuckyHarvest and @Eclipse are co-owners
  • @CodyTheRavin and @austinhuang are admins
  • @Staff gets the attention of all staff
  • or is a direct link (Please put a link on your channel :) )
  • If you are a YouTuber with 100+ subs feel free to ask for the YouTuber ranks
  • If you wonder who to mention/privite message you should privite message preferably notifiy CodyTheRaven (either account).

Our Text Channels

  • #join-now General Conversation
  • #youtube-links Any cool YouTube video you have
  • #youtube-channels Advertise your channel here
  • #youtuber-news Any news for your channel
  • #youtubers-videos New videos
  • #user-servers Your Discord server advertisments

Our Rules

  1. Do not post pornography, or any NSFW material at all.
  2. Do not send virus links or anything of that sort, your punishment will vary from a mute to a ban, based on the severity of the virus.
  3. Do not bully. Simple as that. Your punishment is subject to an admin's judgement.
  4. Do not ask for roles. You will either earn it or apply when Cody finally starts that application form.
  5. Treat others with respects, and be sure to keep any jokes you have in a respectful range. For example, don't make 9/11 jokes or even Harambe jokes. They are sensitive manners and should be kept away from the chat.
  6. Do not backseat moderate. If you aren't a moderator, you shouldn't be telling people what's right or wrong. If you have a problem, report it in #report.
  7. Do not spam in any way, and especially not images or caps.
  8. If you're going for the YouTuber role, be honest at least. Dishonesty will lead to a potential permanent loss of the changce of earning it at all.

Some of our YouTubers!

  • DM @Pineapple God yellowwinner if you want to be added.
  • @Pineapple God yellowwinner I do videos every sunday including gaming and computers!
  • @Zeom
  • @US
  • @CiaranPixelz
  • @KS🎃res
Special thanks to yellowwinner for heling me with this website chech out his website here.